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About AIR4S

Located in the Community of Madrid, AIR4S is the Digital Innovation Hub that seeks to promote the development and growth of industry in the region through the use and implementation of technologies based on artificial intelligence and robotics as a driver of change and transformation of industrial and business activity.

AIR4S is established as a one-stop shop for private companies and public administration agencies in the Community of Madrid seeking comprehensive and multidisciplinary support for their digital transformation projects.

AIR4S is currently registered in the European catalogue of Digital Innovation Hubs, created and managed by the European Commission, and is also a member of the AI DIH Network, which brings together the 30 most relevant DIHs in Europe in the field of Artificial Intelligence, chosen from more than 120 candidate DIHs. It is also part of the EUHubs4Data – European Federation of Data Driven Innovation Hubs and the Mature Digital Innovation Hub in the BOWI Project.

AIR4S has been awarded the iSpace Gold Label by the BDVA, which places it as one of the benchmark data spaces in Europe. Likewise, the Community of Madrid (CM) has approved the project that establishes AIR4S as a Liaison Entity for Innovation of the CM.

Furthermore, AIR4S’ activity is aligned with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) defined by the United Nations, seeking a compromise between compliance with the social, legal and ethical codes surrounding these technologies, and the promotion and growth of organisations in a sustainable manner, trying to ensure that their investment has a positive impact on society in general.

Led by the Polytechnic University of Madrid, AIR4S brings together eight leading organisations in the business, academic and institutional spheres, whose complementarity is key to implementing a comprehensive, high-value service offering focused on facilitating the use and integration of digital technologies in the business environment, supporting innovation and entrepreneurship, finding sources of funding to carry out digital transformation projects and providing technological training and capacity building for professionals in the private sector.

AIR4S is part of Horizon Europe, the European Union (EU) framework programme for research and innovation (R&I) for the period 2021 -2027 and is intended to become a one-stop shop to provide SMEs with sufficient resources to digitise their processes. To this end, AIR4S offers services of Technology assessment, adaptation and integration of technological solutions; Access to infrastructures and facilities for experimentation and testing activities; Training programmes on technical and business skills in AI and robotics; Support in accessing funding sources; Advice and assessment on innovation and Entrepreneurship; Connection with stakeholders and networking actions.