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Description of Services Provided

Service for the creation of virtual environments for the valorization and promotion of heritage sites

Market demands

This service aims to address the growing demand for alternative methods to conventional tourism, enabling the valorization and promotion of heritage sites regardless of their location. This helps to improve their visibility and accessibility.

Field of application

  • Digital tourism
  • Education on tangible and intangible heritage
  • Universal accessibility

Differential Advantage

This service stands out due to four main competencies:

  1. Customized interfaces tailored to the characteristics of the environment.
  2. The ability to create virtual tours with virtual tour guides.
  3. A deep understanding of the problem, thanks to a team with extensive experience and training, including experts in Architecture, Heritage, and Digital Technology.
  4. The ability to integrate a wide variety of information, including 360-degree videos of specific moments, high-resolution panoramas, and texts.

Examples of previous references

  • Development of a virtual tour for the promotion of the Barrio de Bodegas de Baltanás, including its intangible heritage. This involves developing a specific interface, 360-degree videos of specific moments, and a viewer for utensils, sayings, and local proverbs related to the wine culture of the area.
  • Creation of a gigapanorama to enhance the visibility of the Cielo de Salamanca. This includes creating and enabling the visualization of a gigapixel resolution panorama online to view the details of the mural painting.
  • Virtual tours of various Parish Churches for the promotion of their movable heritage.
  • Virtual tour of various Classical Temples in the Valley of the Temples in Sicily.

Equipment description

This service utilizes specific technological equipment such as high-resolution panoramic digital cameras, panoramic heads (including robotic heads), and 360-degree video cameras.

How to apply

The service request should be made via email (), describing the purpose of the service so that a personalized offer can be sent, tailored to the specific needs of each case.