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Laser scanning and 3d photogrammetry

This servicese is focused on providing the 3D point cloud of a complex environment by means of the laser scanning and structure from motion technologies

Technological Offers type


Available from: 2023

3D laser scanning and photogrammetry

3D scanning and 3D reconstruction by means of photogrammetry of complex environments 

Description of Services Provided

This service is focused on 3D data capturing by means of the Terrestrial Laser Scanner and photogrammetry, providing an accurate 3D representaiton of the scene. The equipment used is a high-end laser. So, the quality the accuracy and resolution of the data is high.

Market demands

– Reality Capture for monitoring the advance of construction works

– 3D digitailzation of heritage sites and buildings

– 4D analysis of structures (data capturing at different epochs)

– As-built documentation

– Deflection analysis of concrete, steel and timber slabs

– 3D data capturing for the creation of digital twins


Field of application

Building sector, Architectural sector and Engineering sector 

Differential Advantage

This equipment highlights by its great accuracy (milimeter) and data capturing. Additionally the services include post-processing stages that allow to extract some extra information (i.e. deflections) by using some algorithms developed in research project. Part of them based in Artifitial Intelligence 

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Equipment description

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