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Ontology Development Services

Services associated to the development of ontologies and controlled vocabularies in a diversity of domains

Technological Offers type


Available from: 2021

Title of the scientific and technological service

Ontology Development Services

Description of Services Provided

In the context of this service, we provide support from our ontology engineers for the development of ontologies and controlled vocabularies. We cover the whole lifecycle of ontology development, from requirement specification to ontology publication with a comprehensive set of documentation.

Market demands

Many organisations across all sectors have realised about the importance of having a systematic management of the data models that they handle, the terminologies that they use, the controlled lists of terms that they handle in their systems, etc. A good ontology governance provides support for all these processes, and the development of ontologies is central to this.

Field of application

This service is applicable to a wide are of application sectors and activities.

Differential Advantage

Our group has an experience of more than 20 years in ontology development for a wide variety of domains, including the creation of some of the most well-known methodologies for ontology development, which are used worldwide: Methontology, NeOn methodolgoy and LOT (Linked Open Terms) Methodology.

Examples of previous references

We have worked with private and public organisations, as well as in standardisation activities, on the development of ontologies, some of which have become key references in their areas. More information in our group’s website.

Equipment description

We use open source tools (some of which have been developed by us) for the development of ontologies. During the inception process, we will determine the requirements in terms of ontology development and support software that is needed for the ontology development activity.



UPM Rates
56,75Servicio de Desarrollo de ontologías (IVA no incluido y precio por hora)
External Rates
70,93Servicio de Desarrollo de ontologías (IVA no incluido y precio por hora)