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Open Data Portal Configuration and Deployment

This service includes the strategic planning, configuration and deployment of the software needed to publish data in an open data portal or a data space, as well as all the data preparation processes (acquisition, cleaning, dataset creation, etc.).

Technological Offers type


Available from: 2021

Title of the scientific and technological service

Open Data Portal Configuration and Deployment 

Description of Services Provided

In the context of this service, we support public and private organisations in the adoption of a systematic strategy for the deployment of their open data portal or data space. We follow good practices at the international and national levels, as well as legal regulations, including the European directives, and national, regional and local regulations. We also provide all the technological support that is necessary for the configuration and deployment of open data portals and data spaces, based on open source software (CKAN, GAIA-X), and for the preparation of data assets that will be published. We help organisations in selecting update modes and frequencies, cleaning and preparation processes, publication formats (from 1 to 5 stars), etc.

Market demands

There is an increasing demand from public administrations, including public bodies, and private organisations for the publication of data that is not subject to privacy-awareness or data-protection limitations. The publication of open data eases reuse and has the potential of generating a large economic, social, political and environmental impact. Furthermore, the European Strategy for Data identifies the need to work on common data spaces, either by sector of by geographic location, that allows sharing public and private data across organisations, and with citizens. 

Field of application

Open data portals and data spaces are relevant for all types of activity sectors. This includes areas where their application is already evident, such as cities and regions, statistical data, geographical data, and research data.

Differential Advantage

Our group has wide experience in the deployment of open data portals. This includes open government data (fromo public administrations) and open research data. One of our competitive advantages is that we provide support to the whole lifecycle of open data, from planning to their publication and reuse.

In the context of research data, we follow FAIR principles. In fact, one of our group members has been involved in the edition of the European Open Science Cloud (EOSC) Interoperability Framework.

Examples of previous references

Our group is currently working inside a consortium that provides support to the EU Publications Office for the further development of, with research tasks focused on the impact and positioning of open data. We have supported the deployment of 5-star open data portals like the one from the city of Zaragoza (

With respect to research data, we have been in charge of the following open research data portals:

Equipment description 

We have the hardware and software infrastructure that is necessary in order to deploy production-based open data portals and data spaces. However, we are commonly requested to work on the premises of our clients, so we are flexbile on this.


UPM Rates
56,75Servicio de Mantenimiento y actualización de portal open data (precio por hora. IVA no incluido)
External Rates
70,93Servicio de Mantenimiento y actualización de portal open data (precio por hora. IVA no incluido)