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Dylan-Q. Answers are not blowin’ anymore

Intuitive, multilingual and personalized solution to create questions using the terminology and data of each company

Technological Offers type


Available from: 2020

Brief description of the technology solution and the added value it provides

Bored of text boxes where you ask questions in natural language, on systems that respond slowly, or incorrectly? Dylan-Q is an intuitive guiding system for building questions.

All the questions that can be built with the system provide a correct answer, and questions that can not be constructed (a minimum percentage of the questions that users ask) are treated in a conventional way or, if considered relevant, can be included in the system.

The system has been tested with real data from scientific conferences of the publisher Springer and with heavily populated domains of DBpedia, demonstrating its flexibility when dealing with complex data models and with very large datasets. The tests performed show users very satisfied with the ease of constructing the questions, the response times and the answers retrieved.

Description of the technological base

It allows customers to formulate questions in natural language intuitively and quickly. The questions are grammatically correct, flexible (allows asking in different ways), and multilingual (English, Spanish or German).

The results of the question are updated as the question is being constructed and refined. This gives the user a great sense of control and confidence.

This tool is the result of a combination of the latest scientific advances and an advanced R&D+i, in human-computer interaction, semantics, and computational linguistics, by researchers from UPM and Bielefeld Univ. (Germany).

The technologies developed are in the process of creating some “objects of protection” (patents, sw registration and industrial secret). Demonstrations can be made under a confidentiality agreement.


“Intuitive, multilingual and personalized solution to create questions using the terminology and data of each company”

Market demands

Simple and intuitive business intelligence

  • Big Data tools transform vast amounts of data into useful information for businesses and customers. One such tool is the “report generator”, which allows you to browse and query stored information. Beyond pre-configured reports, it is still a challenge to perform queries in a simple, intuitive and efficient way

Online customer support systems

  • Numerous studies have shown that customers prefer online interactive systems rather than the classic human operators accessible by telephone (call centers). Those studies also show that customers want quick answers to their online questions. Many costs are saved if you transform requests to call centers in online self-service requests, so that customers can solve for themselves tasks such as consulting their supply data, claims management or, in general, the search of information.

More intuitive web applications

  • Web applications use forms as a mechanism for interacting with users. If they are not well designed, they can generate frustration and rejection, particularly in people with little experience in the use of web applications.


“This tool allows you to query data repositories in a simple, intuitive and efficient way”


Competitive advantages

  • New in the technological landscape.
  • Development customized to the final-user needs: the question is constructed using the terminology and vocabulary that the client needs. The result of the question is also adapted to the needs of the client: from a number, or a result table, to a set of interactive graphs.
  • Multilingual: Spanish, English and German. Expandable to other languages.
  • Usable from mobile devices.
  • Very intuitive: ideal for users with little experience in the use of technologies (minimum adoption barrier).
  •  Compared to the most similar system, Dylan-Q takes half the time to create and solve questions.

Development stage

  • Concept
  • Research
  • Lab prototype
  • Industrial prototype
  • Production


Contacto  Dylan-Q

Mariano Rico



Contacto UPM

Área de Innovación, Comercialización y Creación de Empresas

Centro de Apoyo a la Innovación Tecnológica – UPM